Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blogoversary Giveaway Extravaganza: Prize Preview #1

I was thinking about the upcoming Giveaway Extravaganza that will wrap up the blogoversary activities, and I realized something.  Although I told you how the giveaway will work, I haven't given you any idea of the prizes!  So over the next three days, I will be posting "prize previews" so that you can see all 30 prizes (aka auction lots) for the giveaway.

If you're new to the blog or the blogoversary, you can read all about the Giveaway Extravaganza here.  Basically, it will proceed like a silent auction and you earn points to "bid" with by completing challenges/tasks.  The breakdown of how you can earn points is on the details post, and also check out this post for links to all the additional active challenges.

As a reminder, everyone will need to register for the giveaway to win these prizes.  Registration opens early on October 2nd morning and auctions will start October 5th.  But enough of details, you want to see the prizes, right?

Lot #100: YA Mystery Box
Everyone loves a good mystery right? Well, here's one for you... what's in this box? This box includes a mix of YA books of all bindings, genres, release dates (recent and not so recent) and conditions (new and old). How many books will you get? Well, at least six, but beyond that, it's a mystery!

Lot #101: Recycled Book Purse
Okay, so it's not this exact book purse (I got this picture from Google images), but you get the idea. I just learned how to make these cool little bags out of recycled hardcover books. Aren't they cute? The inside is lined with fabric and creates the perfect little tote that will get lots of envious looks and compliments. As soon as I finish the one I'm working on, it will be offered to the winner of this lot.

Lot #102: Paranormal/Fantasy pack
Kind of a weird combination, and yet somehow they work together. The winner of this lot will get two gently used paperback books: a copy of Dragon's Bait by Vivian Vande Velde and a copy of Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Both stories were groundbreaking in that they re-imagined the creatures they are about long before such stories became popular (ie pre-Twilight vampires).

Lot #103: Sorcery and Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer
Patricia C. Wrede has to be one of my all-time favorite authors. I really enjoy this series of hers. It's a little more grown-up than her Enchanted Forest books and is set in an alternate history version of Regency England where magic is common. This is the first book in the series, so you can fall in love it and continue on from there. This prize is a like new paperback copy.

Lot #104: Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter
Ally Carter is another one of my favorite authors. And although I enjoy Heist Society just a little bit more, I really do enjoy the Gallagher Girls series. Who wouldn't want to go to a private school for teenage girl spies? Sadly, this is the second book in the series, so you are responsible for getting your own hands on a copy of the first one. On the other hand, you'll be glad you have the next one right on hand after you finish it. This prize is a like new hardcover.

Lot #105: Goose Chase by Patrice Kindl
You know how I love retold fairy tales. This one, as you might have guessed from the title, is mostly a retelling of "The Goose Girl", but with a few other elements mixed in there and a lot of the author's own original stuff as well. This was one of my Young Adult Literature professor's favorite books, and it's a short and sweet read. This is a like new paperback copy.

Lot #106: Ghost set
This lot contains a set of two gently used paperback ghostly-themed books. This set includes The House Next Door by Richie Tankersley Cusick and Time Windows by Kathryn Reiss. If you've been wanting to stock on some books that are great reading for the upcoming Halloween holiday, these two will set the mood.

Lot #107: The Edge on the Sword by Rebecca Tingle
I really love historical fiction, and I think a lot of times it can be overlooked in YA lit. So I'm really exited to over this new paperback copy to you. This book goes wayyyy back in history, to the late 800s in Dark Ages England. Plus, it has a kick-but female heroine, which I always enjoy reading about, even if I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce her name (Æthelflæd).

Lot #108: Babymouse, Our Hero by Matt and Jennifer Holm
Can I say how much I love this graphic novel series? I was introduced to the Babymouse books after my first year serving on the graphic novel committee for the Cybils awards in 2006. Although written for tween readers, Babymouse's adventures are relate-able for all ages, and I love how she has frequent asides with the narrator. The later books also have lots of great pop culture references too, which makes them lots of fun to read. And did I mention they are completely printed in pink? Love it!

I saw this little hardcover book at the store the other day, and I just had to pick it up. I love little quote books like this, and it was about kids books, so how could you lose? It's got lots of great quotes from the classics (Alice in Wonderland, Roald Dahl, etc.) and some from some more recent books too, like Harry Potter. It's the perfect little book for those who like to be reminded that sometimes kids books are good to read. :)

And that concludes the prize preview for today. Look for the other 20 prizes to be released in the coming days, and don't forget to complete those challenges! There's only a few days left to do so...

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