Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dreaming Anastasia Blog Tour: Joy Preble

Rolling right along with the blogoversary, it's my pleasure today to participate in my first book blog tour with Joy Preble, author of the newly released Dreaming Anastasia. Joy's here today with a guest post, so take it away Joy!

Been doing a lot of guest posts lately on the Dreaming Anastasia blog tour. And to be honest, I’ve gotten a little tired. So I figured that this time, I’d treat everyone to something a little different. So I asked two of my favorite characters in Dreaming Anastasia – Anne and Ethan - to put aside their current search for Anastasia and to just chill with the whole romantic tension thing for a second and help this poor debut author out with a little interview. Luckily, they agreed. Okay, Ethan agreed first. He’s just like that. Anne was bit more mouthy about the whole thing. And it didn’t help that her friend Tess told her that she really shouldn’t even be talking to the guy, much less doing an interview with him. But eventually everyone settled down and I was able to ask them some questions.

Joy Preble: So, Ethan, what did you think the first time you saw Anne?

Ethan: Well, mostly I was relieved. I mean according to that synopsis you wrote, I’ve been looking for her for a very, very long time. Did you mean to give your readers that little hint? Or were you just tired when you wrote that, too? Because you know, this mission is pretty serious. Weight of the world. History altering. All that. Plus, if you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of girls in the world. Not that I don’t appreciate your confidence in me. Just that it’s been rather time consuming. But if you’re asking if I thought she was pretty, well, yes. Yes, I did. And unfortunately, I’m not the best at stealth, so I think she knew it.

JP: Anne? What did you think of Ethan?

Anne: Honestly? Annoying as hell. All that stalking. Those blue eyes. That thick brown hair. That earnest sense of destiny. Seriously – have you looked at the cover? He gets to lurk there on the left all smoldering and mysterious. The guy needed to come with a warning label. Something like, “Danger! Yes, he looks amazingly hot, but he’s going to turn your life upside down so think twice, missy!”

JP: Next one’s for you, Ethan. Readers and reviewers are really loving Anne’s friend, Tess. What’s your opinion?

Ethan: The girl’s a menace! She may have Anne’s back, but does she ever shut up?

Anne: Excuse me? That’s my best friend you’re talking about, E. A little respect? You need me, remember? This is seriously not the time to piss me off.

JP: Moving on, you two. So settle down. Let’s talk about something you can’t argue about. Favorite foods? Hobbies?

Ethan: Well, I make a pretty awesome cup of tea, and I do have a fondness for Russian vodka. Hobbies? Searching for Anne. Figuring out who the bad guy really is.The occasional cigarette when things get too tense.

Anne: Occasional? You call chain smoking occasional?

Ethan: It was just that once. Things were pretty crazy, if you remember.

Anne: Whatever. You do make good tea. I’ll give you that.

Ethan: Thank you. And that pizza you told me you like?

Anne: Cheese and tomato? The one from Lou Malnati’s? It’s totally amazing. Except I mostly can’t eat it because I’m in ballet. Which is your other hobby, right? Stalking me at the ballet?

Ethan: I thought you said we weren’t going to discuss that anymore. You know there was a reason.

Anne: Whatever, E. It’s a good thing you’re adorable. That’s all I’m saying.

JP: So you think Ethan’s cute?

Anne: In a brooding, annoying sort of way. Maybe. I’d rather not give anything away. Although I will say that there’s this one dream we both have… Okay, just read the book. You’ll see what I really think.

Ethan: I thought you said we weren’t going to talk about that whole dream thing, either? But this is finally something we can both agree on. Read Dreaming Anastasia. Available at bookstores near you! Maybe even some in Europe and Russia.

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Unknown said...

What a great post! I loved it. And it was really funny. Thanks Joy and Alyssa.

ps. Anastasia is spelled wrong in your title.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Awesome interview! :) Uniquely done.

Alyssa F said...

Ack! Thanks for pointing that out Kate. That's what I get for blogging while thinking about something else. *smack*

Fixed now. :-)

Amanda said...

Awesome interview!
It was very fun to read.