Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guest Post: Anne Osterlund

I'm happy to announce that I had such a great response from authors to help me celebrate my blogoversary that for the rest of the month I'm going to have to double up on a few days.

For the first feature today I'm excited to welcome Anne Osterlund back to The Shady Glade. For those who've been around for awhile, you may remember my interview with Anne back in May. Unfortunately, Anne was a little busy seeing as the schoolyear just started and all. Luckily, she WAS able to get someone to fill in for her. So now I'm here to introduce you to Princess Aurelia for a very unique guest post:

Authors, I suppose are relatively useful creatures. I mean, really, it would be much simpler if they would simply listen, but instead they insist on taking the long way around things. Mine, for example, she insists on writing absolute junk before she ever gets to the heart of the story, and then she must spend hours toying with research, searching the internet and asking questions, when if she would just listen to me, life would be much easier. After all that, she has to throw out half of it, and then becomes all attached to the words, as if they have any significance in comparison with my life. And once I finally get it through her head that she can’t mess with details simply because they sound better one way than the other, we are forced to go through the whole rigmarole again with editors and copyeditors and marketing people. Like I don’t know perfectly well what I want and how to get there!

Still, I suppose they all have some minor use. Since without them, I would be forced to stage my own writing revolution, and that would really be more than one could expect. I mean, one revolution is quite enough, thank you!


(via the semi-useful hand of the author, Anne Osterlund, Sept. 2009)

Thanks for stopping by Aurelia! And if you'd like to learn more about Anne and her books, make sure you check out my interview with her back in May.


Sara said...

Yay for Aurelia! :)

I love both of Anne's books...

Cecelia said...

I'll echo everything Sara said! Thanks for visiting, Anne!