Friday, December 18, 2009

12 Blogs of Christmas: Day 7 Luxury Reading

The 12 Blogs of Christmas
From the sixth day of Christmas, Book Rat gave to you....

Luxury Reading's Christmas Giveaway! Day 7 is over at Luxury Reading today. The grand prize winner gets an invisible bookshelf and 5 books to fill it. Really, you need to see this bookshelf. It's so cool! Head over there to enter, and come back tomorrow to see what other contests we blogs can come up with. Don't forget and miss a single day! Check out the right sidebar for links to all the past contests. You still have until December 31st to enter!

Good luck!


Cecelia said...

Thanks for the link - that really is an awesome giveaway!

Kristen said...

Fantastic giveaway.. who came up with this idea anyways?