Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas...

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 12 drummers drumming

And Day 12 brings us to the last day in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway-a-Day. Don't forget, the contests will remain open for another week, so if you haven't gotten your entries in yet it's not too late. Today's prize is a paperback copy of Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Storyby Janet Beeler Shaw from the American Girls Collection. Those of you who are observant and have already looked at the book cover below and read today's holiday post already will know why I'm featuring this prize today. Can the rest of you figure it out?

About the Book (from back cover): "Kirsten and her family celebrate their first Christmas in America, and Kirsten wasnts to keep some of thier old Swedish traditions alive in the new country. She secretly plans a Saint Lucia celebration for her family. For her own Christmas she hopes for just one special treasure. But everything depnds on a trip to town the Kirsten has been pestering Papa about for weeks. At last they go, and the journey turns into a brush with disaster. When Papa and Kirsten finally get back home, you'll understand why the candles in the little cabin glow with a special Christmas love."

The American Girl books were some of my favorites when I was growing up. And although I enjoyed many of them, the Christmas books for each character were my favorite. I hope the winner of this book will enjoy it as much as I have!

To enter, please leave a comment below or send me an email with the subject line "Eleventh Day of Christmas". If you haven't read them already, make sure you read the Contest Rules. You'll also find a roundup of all the other contests on that page. Open internationally until December 20th at midnight.

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Mystica said...

Crikey I am the first again!!! Please count me in
for this last generous giveaway.


Simply Stacie said...

Please count me in.

I follow.

Cecelia said...

Oh, this is great! I loved the American Girl dolls and stories when I was younger. And when I mentioned 'St. Lucia's Day' to a friend yesterday, she recognized it because it was in Kirsten's book! Fun stuff.

skyla11377 said...

I Would Love To Be Entered Into The Contest.

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+1 Posing In A Sidebar

+2 Blogging Post Or Twitter.

justpeachy36 said...

Count me in on the giveaway.

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rubynreba said...

Please enter me. Thanks.
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Katy said...

Oh, count me in! I loved Kirsten when I was a girl! :)

I'm a follower!

Aik said...

Please enter me! Thanks!

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Beleth said...

Sounds good, count me in!
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ReaganStar said...

Enter me please Happy Holidays

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Linda Henderson said...

This really sounds like a great book. Please enter me.

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LucĂ­a said...

Please enter me!

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Llehn said...

I'd love to play please!

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