Friday, December 04, 2009

On the Third Day of Christmas...

On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me 3 French hens

Today's prize is a paperback copy of The Gift Of The Magi And Other Stories by O. Henry. The title story of this collection is one of my favorite Christmas stories. And although the other short stories aren't Christmas related, the first one is a great story to add to your Christmas reading traditions.

About the book (from back cover): "A young woman makes a drastic decision -- and her husband has a Christmas surprise in return. A dying girl attaches her fate to that of a leaf. A writer sobs at the sight of a menu. A detective tracks a thief to an unexpected hideout. An unforgettable collection from a master of the short story -- where the ending is never what you expect."

To enter, please leave a comment below or send me an email with the subject line "Third Day of Christmas". If you haven't read them already, make sure you read the Contest Rules. You'll also find a roundup of all the other contests on that page. Open internationally until December 20th at midnight.

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Veronica :) said...

Loving your contest! I follow!


Stacey Brucale said...

Please enter me!

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Anonymous said...

I would love to be entered in your draw. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am a follower of your blog.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

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Mystica said...

+ 1 for following.

Thanks for making it open for overseas readers.


Leslie said...

I've heard of the story before. I didn't know it was an actual book.
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Unknown said...

The Gift Of The Magi is my favorite Christmas story. I am ashamed that I do not own it. So, please enter me in this contest. (Should I mention that I follow The Shady Glade when I enter contests, or do you already know that?)

Raspberry said...

Don't enter me - I have all of his works, but what a great giveaway. He's such an amazing writer. :)

justpeachy36 said...

Please enter me in the giveaway.

+1 I am a follower via Google Friend Connect

+2 I posted about the give away at my blog here:

rubynreba said...
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skyla11377 said...

I Would Love To be Entered Into the Contest.

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Carol M said...

I would love to read this!

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renee said...

Please enter me

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Trollololol said...

hmm... I've never heard of this one, but if you say its one of your favourite Christmas stories; I'm up for reading it!

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rubynreba said...

Love to be entered. Thanks.
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Katy said...

This sounds intriguing!

I'm a follower!

Spav said...

Enter me, please.

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Aik said...

Please enter me! Thanks!

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aikychien at yahoo dot com

ReaganStar said...

Enter me please Happy Holidays

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Linda Henderson said...

Please enter me.

I am a follower.

seriousreader at live dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm in! Thanks for giving this away! :D
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~Jacqueline (bookbutterfly, "The Nerdette")

Llehn said...

I'd love to play please!

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