Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Shelfie Awards

I thought I had posted this ages ago, but going through my archives I guess not. Things got crazy with the Christmas stuff I guess. :-)

Kate at The Neverending Shelf has come up with the idea of the first annual Shelfie Awards. To enter your nomination, make you fill out the form located on her blog. Make sure you do it soon, because nominations close two days from today! The following description is copied from her post:

To celebrate what a wonderful bookish year 2009 was, I am introducing the First Annual Shelfie Awards. The purpose of this award is to recognize YA/MG authors and their outstanding contribution to the young adult and/or middle grade genre.

Starting today through December 28th, readers of all ages are welcome to nominate their favorite reads of 2009. Then December 29-30, polls will be posted to allow for open voting for the short listed titles. Winning authors and their respective titles will be announced on December 31st.

To nominate a title please fill out the nomination form with the requested information. Please note that voters are allowed to nominate up to 5 titles per category. In addition, I will be featuring reviewer blurbs of the nominated titles. If you have reviewed a title that you are nominating, please also provide a link to your review so that I can feature you.

Criteria for titles that will be accepted for nomination:
  • Read or Published in the 2009 calendar year.
  • Book is published in English or has been translated into English.
  • Selected from genres that have an appeal to young adult or middle grade readers.
Awards will be given in the following categories:

Best Overall 2009 Young Adult Novel
Best Overall 2009 Middle Grade Novel

Best 2009 Dystopian
Best 2009 Fantasy
Best 2009 Fiction
Best 2009 Graphic Novel/Manga
Best 2009 Historical
Best 2009 Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Best 2009 Non-Fiction
Best 2009 Romance/Romance Comedy
Best 2009 Science Fiction

Voters are welcome to write in addition categories. If enough votes are accumulated for a category, it will be short listed for an award. If not, then the title(s) nominated will be fit into one of the already existing categories.

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